Zoro’s Power In Wano Country – Revealed

Wano Country is a nation located in the New World, and is a country which is not affiliated with the World Government. This country was first ruled by the Kozuki clan, and it’s leader was Kozuki Oden. It was considered extremely powerful, and even the Marines feared this country. This revealed powers of many people including Zoro’s power.

This place has many samurai and all of them are considered to be very powerful. Wano Country follows the policy of isolationism, meaning that contact with outsiders, such as pirates and other countries is strictly prohibited. Moreover, leaving the country’s borders is considered a grave crime. Further, Poneglyphs were made in this country by the members of the Kozuki Family.
Zoro's power
This family knows how to inscribe letters, as well as can also shape these indestructible Poneglyphs. As we know, this is the country of Samurai, so this will likely be the Arc of Zoro, because Sanji’s past has been revealed, and his arc is nearly complete. The only remaining member of the monster trio whose origins and storyline isn’t revealed is Roronoa Zoro himself.

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