Zoro’s Ultimate Power-Up In Wano: Asura Unleashed!

This amount of Zoro’s power will be insane. It will make him several hundred times stronger. Thus, this will be Roronoa Zoro’s ultimate power-up during the Wano Country war. zoro power wano CountryNow, we know that Roronoa Zoro is going to fight the Shogun of Wano known as Kurozumi Orochi, who is said to be very strong.

And there are numerous theories suggesting that Roronoa Zoro will be able to use Advanced Armament Haki in the Wano Country war and some even say he knows how to use it but since there was no need that’s why we haven’t seen it yet.Zoro's new sword
But we know during the Wano war every single of the Strawhats will be tested to their limits and thus we fans are in for a treat as we’ll get to see newer powers of these characters. I also think that while fighting Kurozumi Orochi, Zoro will combine his new Asura form with Advanced Armament Haki, or normal Armament Haki at the very least.

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