Zoro’s Ultimate Power-Up In Wano: Asura Unleashed!

Asura is a name taken from Hindu mythology and it means powerful evil beings. We haven’t seen Zoro’s Asura form since the time skip and this is what I think his new Asura unleashed form will look like.ashura form zoro Another powerful form of evil in Hindu mythology is Ravana and there are other numerous forms of Asura as well.

Ravana is an Asura who has 20 arms and 10 heads. I think that with Nidai Kitetsu and its increased curse Zoro will be able to use this type of Asura in Wano war. Zoro will open his other eye and unleash the curse of Nidai Kitetsu.new ashura power up zoro I have already written a theory about how Zoro will get Nidai Kitetsu, be sure to check that out as well. So, Zoro’s new Asura unleashed form will have 20 arms and 10 heads. And thus he will be able to use 30 swords at a time. Just imagine how frightening that would be.

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