Will Zoro’s Father Be At Wano Country? – The Famous Samurai of Wano Explained

Zoro's father

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post I’ll be discussing a theory regarding Zoro’s father and whether he’ll be at Wano or not. Also, is his father some famous Samurai? Zoro’s past is simply unknown to even this point in the story, when One Piece has entered its final phase so to speak. But will his past be disclosed in Wano? Let’s find out.

Let’s begin this post regarding Zoro’s father and him being at Wano

First of all, let us talk about Zoro a bit. Roronoa Zoro is a member of Strawhat Pirates. It could be said that he is the right-hand man of Monkey D Luffy. He’s one of the earliest recruits of Luffy. Zoro is one of the warriors of his crew.
Zoro's father
I still think that his bounty doesn’t justify how strong he actually is. I do think that is going to change after the Wano country war is over. We hope to finally see the full strength of Zoro in Wano. But only his strength also his past is highly speculated to be revealed in Wano.

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