Will Zoro’s Father Be At Wano Country? – The Famous Samurai of Wano Explained

Zoro's father

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post I’ll be discussing a theory regarding Zoro’s father and whether he’ll be at Wano or not. Also, is his father some famous Samurai? Zoro’s past is simply unknown to even this point in the story, when One Piece has entered its final phase so to speak. But will his past be disclosed in Wano? Let’s find out.

Let’s begin this post regarding Zoro’s father and him being at Wano

First of all, let us talk about Zoro a bit. Roronoa Zoro is a member of Strawhat Pirates. It could be said that he is the right-hand man of Monkey D Luffy. He’s one of the earliest recruits of Luffy. Zoro is one of the warriors of his crew.
Zoro's father
I still think that his bounty doesn’t justify how strong he actually is. I do think that is going to change after the Wano country war is over. We hope to finally see the full strength of Zoro in Wano. But only his strength also his past is highly speculated to be revealed in Wano.

Like Vinsmoke Sanji’s past and origins were disclosed in Whole Cake Island arc, likewise we hope Roronoa Zoro’s past will be disclosed as well.
zoro father
We know that Zoro is an extraordinary swordsman and aspires to be the best in the world. Would it be stretching it if I speculate his father is a swordsman as well?

I certainly do think that his father is a swordsman too and which is a country known to produce the best swordsmen? Wano country, as we know that already.
Zoro's ancestors
So, in terms of pure probability if Zoro’s father is a swordsman the possibility of him being at Wano is simply more than the rest and we know Oda has to tell us about Zoro’s past at some point in time. This time at Wano seems to be fitting the most logically. Also, it is also logical to assume if someone’s son is a strong warrior more often than not his father is also the same.

I’m suggesting that Zoro’s father is from Wano country, and he most certainly will be a renowned swordsman of the country.
Zoro Conqueror's Haki
I also think that Zoro knows who his father is and how he looks. I say this because by the time he showed up at the dojo he was clearly old enough to remember stuff.

When Roronoa Zoro’s flashback was first shown, he showed up at a dojo and wanted to face the strongest member of this dojo and wanted to beat him and wanted to train at this dojo.
Asura zoro
He did this because he wanted become the best swordsman in the world. Well, if we look at it closely, and observe why does this little kid Zoro show up at a dojo and wants to be a swordsman. Why not a marine, or pirate? I think that he was trying to be like his father and I think that Zoro’s father served Oden Kozuki like most of the strong Samurai of Wano.

Recently, Ashura Douji was introduced who was one of the strongest swordsmen in Wano at Oden’s time.
Powers zoro
I also think that Zoro’s father will have been at a similar level. We know that Kaido could have killed and captured Ashura Douji aka Shutenmaru but he didn’t and let him roam around and hopes that he’ll join him.

But Kaido captured Kid and Luffy and aims to break their spirits until they join him. Similarly, I think that Zoro’s father was far too dangerous than Ashura Douji to let him roam freely.
Zoro vs sanji
So, in order to break his spirits and make him join his crew, he captured him as well. I think that Zoro wanted to be the strongest so that he could take revenge for his father. Zoro being just a kid, wouldn’t have known anything about Kaido but would have known he needs to get stronger. It is possible that King Calamity could have been the one to defeat Zoro’s father.

Nonetheless, I still think that he is in prison at Wano. If you might have noticed that there is a mysterious prisoner in Wano who we have no idea who he is. It is possible that this prisoner is Zoro’s father.
Zoro's connection to Wano
Since the soldiers don’t have a clue about who is in the cell, it is safe to say that he has been there for years even before the soldiers were hired. So, this prisoner is the father of Zoro in my opinion.

That is it from today’s post on Zoro’s father and him being one of the strongest swordsmen of Wano. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies. Do remember to subscribe to our blog by pressing the bell icon.

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