Zoro In Wano And The True Power Of Wado Ichimonji

Hey guys! Today I am going to share a theory that I came across and it is about Zoro, his first sword Wado Ichimonji and how Wano will be the big stage for him.
The writer of this theory is Cloudastic from Oro Jackson, so all credits goes to him.
wado ichimonji
He believes that Zoro’s three sword style is inspired from legendary sword smith battle of Masamune vs Muramasa. It’s a folklore and so, it is not based on a real events.

Muramasa challenged the grand master smith Masamune to a contest of sword crafting. The Blade that Muramasa crafted cut everything; leaves, fish and even the air itself.

Muramasa then began to scoff at Masamune. The Blade that Masamune created didn’t cut anything. But, the judges bowed down before him and declared Masamune the winner.
The Sword that Muramasa created was deemed evil for cutting anything in its way. And Masamune’s blade shown mercy and spare the innocent.


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