Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. Today’s post is all about Yonko Shanks Royal Lineage and connection with Gorosei. This post’s theory is based on the events we saw in the One Piece chapter 907. Also, this post is full of spoilers so whoever does not like to read spoilers please stay away from this post. So, without further delay let us begin discussing Shanks royal lineage.

The chapter 907 of One Piece manga was absolutely lit. In chapter 906 we saw a detail about the National Treasure of Mary Geoise. Then in chapter 907, we saw two very important and interesting details get revealed. shanks royal lineageFirst detail was that one more legendary pirate crew got revealed. This crew was known as Rocks and was so big and strong that it ruled over the seas supremely. This crew existed 40 years ago in the New World. However, now it doesn’t exist. But there is a chance that it may be back.The second detail that was Yonko Shanks appearing in front of Gorosei in Mary Geoise.

We clearly saw that there is some sort of connection between Shanks and Gorosei. Gorosei clearly stated that they do not have time right now because of the Reverie Conference, but still they managed to give time to Yonko Shanks to address his concern. Gorosei shanks ConnectionGorocei are the five elder stars of the World Government, so it makes sense that they’re the busiest right people in the world right now. Despite all that, the Gorosei allowed Shanks to enter, and make his request.

They are at the topmost position in the World Government. One could even say that they are the ones who control the policies and the way the whole of the World Government is actually run. Now, the interesting thing here to note is that Shanks is one of the four Yonko. rocks piratesYonko are the pirate crews that control the seas. These are Kaido, Big Mom, Blackbeard and Shanks. So, Yonko and Gorosei are like the opposite sides of the forces trying to control the seas. You can say that the Yonko are in direct opposition to the World Government, and the Government uses their military, called the Marines, to try to take them down.

Yonko want to take down government and government want to take Yonko down. So, Gorosei and Shanks are direct opposition and at seeing each other they should clearly start a battle or something like that. shanks celestial DragonBut surprisingly nothing of that sort happened and this indeed is very suspicious. Why was Shanks allowed to enter Mariejois? How is that even possible?

Gorosei treated Shanks with respect instead of anger. This raises a lot of eyebrows. And the only way I think that this is possible is that Shanks has Celestial Dragon lineage. That is why Gorosei made out time from their busy schedule to set a meeting up with Yonko Shanks.shanks royal Connection This will be nothing new for us as we have already seen this sort of thing happening in the past. We saw Doflamingo aka Joker who is a well-known pirate and was a Warlord too. He has the Celestial Dragon lineage as well, and since he knew about the National Treasure of Mariejois, he could even control the CP0.

Another proof about why Shanks is a Celestial Dragon comes from history and near the end of the Marineford war. Well, we saw that when Yonko Shanks appeared at the scene, shanks Marinefordhe said once that stop this war and even Sengoku replied that he is ordering the war to be stopped only because of Shanks. Shanks stopped the biggest War the world had ever seen back then just by his mere words.

Well, these two instances prove that Shanks indeed is a Celestial Dragon as he is doomed to have Celestial Dragon lineage. This opens up a possibility of a lot of things. shanks lineageWho does Shanks want to talk about? We saw Shanks saying that he wants to talk about a certain pirate. Now, who is this pirate that Shanks is so desperate to talk about? In my opinion, this pirate has to be the captain of the Rocks pirates.

The detail that supports my theory is that Oda has previously said that he will be introducing a new legendary character in the One Piece manga this year.shanks royal lineage So, it seems pretty evident it will be captain of the Rocks pirates. Also, Rocks pirates were mentioned for the first time in the last chapter only. So, in my opinion, it is almost certain that Rocks pirates are the reason that Shanks is at Mary Geoise and thus revealing his Celestial Dragon lineage.

That is it from today’s post on Yonko Shanks royal lineage and his connection with Gorosei. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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