X-Men Dark Phoenix is one of the most talked about and hyped movies in the recent past and it is safe to say that it has not managed to up to the hype that surrounded it. Even if you hate spoilers feel free to read this post because of its complete spoilers free review.

I was personally looking to witness this movie because it was the last movie of the X-Men saga. Now, that Disney has taken control of Fox it is obvious that we won’t see this set of X-Men ever again together. While it is obvious that Disney will make their own set of X-Men movies in the near future but those won’t be with this cast but a different one.

So, this movie indeed was an end of an era and we all expected a top-notch movie but they failed to deliver that. Talking about the ratings that this movie has got it has a 6/10 rating from IMDb and a bizarre 22% rating by Rotten Tomatoes which is surprisingly even less than the boredom filled X-Men Apocalypse movie. There are various really bad bits about this movie and a one or two good bits as well.

Talking about bad bits, Dark Phoenix tried to disrupt the morally correct character of Charles Xavier by letting him make big decisions and in the process damaged his character because they could not pull it off. The villain of the movie could have been an awesome one only if more emphasis was laid on the character but they rejected that good scenario.

X-Men Dark Phoenix

Also, how can we forget Magneto played by Fassbender who once more just didn’t seem like wanting to act as he was so awful in the role.

The good bits about the movie just are not that many but one improved thing from the previous movies was the action. It was all well coordinated and each mutant complimented others in the battle but the direction was so awful and I’m saying that out of respect. The best acting performance of the movie was that of James McAvoy even in this turmoil of a movie his acting stood out for me.

Also, Sophie Turner is genuinely very overrated but she was not the worst thing in the movie. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on X-Men Dark Phoenix movie and whether or not you like our spoilers free review. I am very sad and disappointed about this movie because I was so looking forward to this conclusive movie.


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