Worst Generation Captains in One Piece Ranked According To Their Powers

Hi guys. We are here with the list of the Worst generation Captains ranked on the basis of their power level. This list is based before the time skip.
Warning: This list may have spoilers.
10. Capone “Gang” Bege- We start our list with the captain of the Firetank Pirates. He possesses the Shiro Shiro no Mi, which allows him to carry his whole crew inside his body. Capone is originally a pirate from the West Blue. His bounty is 138,000,000 beris.
Worst Generation
9. Urouge- Next on our list is the “Mad Monk” Urouge, who is the captain of the Fallen Monk pirates. He is a pirate from an unnamed Sky island. He’s endowed with the power of a Paramecia type devil fruit(name unknown) which allows him to return the damage which has been dealt to him, pretty much like an impact dial. Urouge’s bounty is 108,000,000 beris.



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