All 14 Wood Release Users In Naruto History

Wood Release is one of the Kekkei Genkai abilities, created by mixing Water Release with Earth Release. It is an extremely overpowered Kekkei Genkai ability, which is why very few have awakened it naturally. Its user can reshape an entire battlefield, and it can be used go control the chakra of a tailed beast. Today, I have come up with a list of all the 14 Wood Release Users in Naruto.
Let’s begin—

14. Hashirama Senjuwood
Hashirama Senju was the First Hokage of Konohagakure. He was able to use the Wood Release on entirely advanced level. He was the first human to naturally possess Wood release. Hashirama was capable of using Sage Art Wood Release, with which he was able to defeat Madara Uchiha. Hashirama’s Wood Release abilities remain unmatched.

13. Danzo
Danzo was the leader of the Foundation, who would do any dirty work to save Konohagakure. He had infused Hashirama’s cells in his right arm, due to which he could use Wood Release. However, due to his depleted chakra, he could use it only when necessary.

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  1. I think (except hashirama, madara and yamato) only naruto can use perfectly wood-style, cuz when he turned into kyuubi mode for the first time his power made yamato’s wood grew up, so hashirama’s cells in his arm could create and control wood-style using kyuubi’s chakra + sennin mode (naruto is uzumaki then it can help too).

    PS.: gods and monsters don’t count


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