Will Naruto Get A New Power Boruto

Naruto’s New Power: Will Naruto Get A New Power In Boruto?

Naruto’s New Power: Will Naruto Get A New Power In Boruto?

OMG, attention all ninja enthusiasts and curious newbies! Picture this: Naruto Uzumaki, our hero, the once rambunctious and determined ninja from the Leaf Village, having faced sooo many ups and downs throughout the “Naruto” saga, has entered a new phase in the “Boruto” series! And now, the whisperings among the fandom are getting louder, everyone’s asking: will Naruto get a new power? It’s the question that’s got us biting our nails with anticipation, folks!

Think about it: Naruto’s been through a lot. He began as the underdog, fought tooth and nail to earn the village’s respect, became the Hokage (like DUH, dream achieved), and even befriended Kurama, the ferocious Nine-Tailed Fox that once tormented his life. And now, in the “Boruto” series, he’s no longer the unpredictable child, but a wise leader and loving dad. But, hold up! Let’s not forget the shocker in Boruto where Kurama waved goodbye, cue buckets of tears.

So I can’t help but wonder, and I know you all do too – as we journey with Naruto Uzumaki in this new era sans Kurama, will he uncover new strengths? Sharpen old skills? Or maybe, just maybe, develop a never-before-seen ability? Join me, dear ninja pals, as we dive into the realm of possibilities and wild theories that make the anime world absolutely thrilling!

The Journey of Naruto Uzumaki Post-Kurama

The loss of Kurama – it’s the twist that literally made us gasp. Naruto Uzumaki without the Nine-Tails? It seemed as unlikely as sushi without rice! Yet here we are, in the Boruto era, witnessing Naruto continue his journey without his longest-standing power source. It’s like watching an entirely new chapter of his legacy – with potential bumps and surprising turns ahead.

The Impact of Losing Kurama on Naruto’s Abilities

Once the news hit that Kurama was no more, every fan’s heart just stopped for a sec – okay, maybe more than a sec. Naruto Uzumaki had to face the stark reality of losing a significant part of his power spectrum. Yup, Kurama’s departure translates to a massive shift in Naruto’s battle strategies and stamina. No more cloak of chakra, no more easy access to massive reserves of energy; things are getting real.

But hey, Naruto’s not just about the brute strength; his tactical genius and unbreakable spirit are still game-changers. The loss might have dimmed his physical prowess, but I totally think it adds an incredible layer of depth to Naruto’s character. Like, seriously, watching him redefine his ninja way sans his fluffy-tailed partner? That’s character growth that you just can’t help but stand and applaud for.

Naruto’s loss of Kurama means a significant shift in his battle strategies and stamina, but it also adds depth to his character and showcases his tactical genius and unbreakable spirit.

Speculations on Naruto’s Potential New Powers

So, let’s chat about the elephant in the room – will Naruto get a new power now that Kurama has taken his exit? Here’s where the speculation meter goes off the charts! I mean, Naruto Uzumaki, the guy who’s pulled more than a few tricks out of his ninja headband, surely he’s got a few aces left, right? Well, here’s what’s buzzing:

Firstly, we’ve seen Naruto find innovative uses for his existing skills. From improving his Rasengan to developing new forms of Taijutsu, the man’s a legit ninja Swiss Army knife. And then, there’s Sage Mode, which is still pretty epic and untapped in terms of potential. So, it’s quite possible that Naruto could level-up his Sage Mode to a point where it competes with his former Tailed Beast power.

The Evolution of Naruto’s Powers in Boruto

Transitioning from “Naruto” to “Boruto” was like swapping ramen bowls; familiar but with a fresh twist. Naruto Uzumaki in “Boruto” showcases an evolution in his powers where each arc throws us curveballs of ninja awesomeness. His role might have shifted, but his capabilities, oh boy, they have adapted.

The Evolution of Naruto's Powers in Boruto

Naruto’s Power Set Before and After Kurama

Here’s the shinobi scoop on Naruto’s power before and after Kurama’s departure:

  • Before: Complete sync with Kurama meant Naruto could access the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, summon huge amounts of energy, and dish out Tailed Beast Bombs like they were candy. Basically, Naruto was walking around with the equivalent of a nuclear reactor inside him.
  • After: The heartbreak of losing Kurama didn’t cripple Naruto; it just made him rely more on his original techniques and jutsus that he’d been perfecting since his first shadow clone. What’s clear is that Naruto hasn’t lost his touch – he’s still the ninja prodigy we’ve all cheered for.

Naruto’s power before and after Kurama’s departure highlights his transition from relying on Kurama’s chakra to emphasizing his original techniques and jutsus.

How Naruto Has Adapted to Recent Challenges

Despite the curveball of losing Kurama, Naruto’s proved one thing – he’s a resilient guy. From enhancing his taijutsu to more strategic battles where he’s less reliant on overwhelming power, he’s shown a growth in versatility and improvisation. He’s like the shonen protagonist who keeps the audience guessing what his next move is.

Plus, let’s talk leadership skills. Naruto as Hokage has had to balance his ninja duties with politics and parenting, which is a whole different battlefield. His mental resilience and wisdom have been just as pivotal as any jutsu in overcoming challenges in “Boruto”.

Theories on Naruto’s Next Power-Up

With fans on the edge of their seats, assessing every frame of the manga and anime, theories on Naruto Uzumaki’s next power-up are as abundant as the leaves in the Hidden Leaf Village. But amidst this wild forest of speculation, some ideas stand out with a certain shine of plausibility.

Insights from the Boruto Manga and Anime

Die-hard analyzers of both the “Boruto” manga and anime have noticed some breadcrumbs that could hint at Naruto’s future. Like, remember the time when Naruto Uzumaki was spotted analyzing ancient texts with Sasuke? That scene alone made my theory-sense tingle like crazy!

Moreover, we’ve seen him push his strategic mind to the next level. With every challenge that dares stand before him, Naruto seems to have an ever-growing resolve to protect his village and family. I mean, it’s like his determination is a power-up in its own right. Could this mental fortitude be the foundation for a new physical strength? Only time and continuous page-flipping will tell!

Fan Theories and Predictions for Naruto’s Future Strengths

And now, let’s dive into the fan theory treasure chest! Here, everyone’s a detective and a storyteller, weaving possibilities that range from probable to outrageously creative:

  1. One fan favorite is the deepening of Naruto’s Sage Mode abilities, perhaps even discovering a new, advanced form of it.
  2. Others ponder if Naruto might develop a unique chakra nature transformation that we’ve never seen before – I mean, the man does have a penchant for breaking limits.
  3. Then there’s the scintillating idea of Naruto possibly tapping into ancestral powers or hidden Uzumaki clan techniques. Wouldn’t that just be epic?

Across every forum and chat, fans are electrified with theories. And regardless of which direction the manga and anime take our beloved Naruto Uzumaki, one thing’s for sure: we’ll be watching with bated breath, ready to cheer or shed a tear for every power-up or plot twist that comes our way!

Fan Theories and Predictions for Naruto's Future Strengths

The Significance of Power Progression in Naruto’s Story

The exhilarating narrative of Naruto Uzumaki hinges significantly on the power progression visible throughout his journey. From a scrappy underdog clawing his way up to a Hokage brimming with Sage Mode mastery, each advancement in Naruto’s abilities has been more than just a flex of new muscle – it’s a testament to his growth as a character. The evolution of power within the narrative tapestry of Naruto’s story is not just about the flashy jutsu; it’s about perseverance, resilience, and the relentless spirit that defines our beloved shinobi hero.

The Role of Power-Ups in Naruto’s Character Development

Naruto’s character arc is intrinsically tied to his power-ups; every new skill or enhancement maps out a pivotal event that spurred growth or a challenge conquered. Who could forget the goosebumps when Naruto first tapped into Sage Mode? It wasn’t just about the eye-popping strength he gained; it was the maturity and wisdom that came with learning from the toads of Mount Myoboku.

To grasp the role of power-ups, one must also consider the obstacles they help Naruto overcome. It’s not just about beating the bad guys; it’s about overcoming self-doubt, pushing his own limits, and the perseverance required to learn them. Sage Mode wasn’t achieved overnight; the grueling training highlighted how Naruto’s determination paralleled his growing arsenal of jutsu, transforming him in more ways than one.

As fans, we cheered not only for the flashy finale of a fight, but for the personal victories each new power represented. The emotional catharsis tied to seeing Naruto outdo himself yet again is a key ingredient to what makes his story so captivating and infinitely re-watchable.

Naruto’s power-ups symbolize his personal growth, as each new skill or enhancement signifies a pivotal event that helped him overcome challenges and mature emotionally.

Comparing Naruto’s Growth to Other Characters in Boruto

When analyzing Naruto’s growth alongside his compeers in Boruto, it’s like comparing the sun to stars – they each shine bright, but in their own unique way. Our fiery Naruto has blazed a trail of power escalation, setting a gold standard that other characters strive to reach. His resilience is unwavering, inspiring the likes of Sarada and Mitsuki as they march down their own paths of shinobi self-discovery.

But what of Boruto himself? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, yet his power journey diverges, weaving its own intricate pattern through the series. It’s fascinating to juxtapose Boruto’s techniques and the enigmatic nature of his special eye against Naruto’s earlier reliance on Kurama. Both stories follow a central theme – growth through trials – but Naruto’s experience and maturity shine as a beacon for the younger generation to aspire to, a symbolic torch of fortitude and hope.

Comparing their journeys, it’s evident that generational shifts in power dynamics are a vital heartbeat of the narrative, keeping the world of shinobi thrillingly unpredictable. The seasoned fans nod knowingly at callbacks to past learnings, while new viewers marvel at the expanding array of skills that keeps them glued to their screens.

Comparing Naruto's Growth to Other Characters in Boruto


1. What powers did Naruto lose with Kurama’s departure?

With Kurama’s departure, Naruto lost a significant font of chakra and the ability to access its related powers, which includes the immeasurable strength and increased healing abilities of the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, along with the all-encompassing power of the Tailed Beast Ball.

2. Has the Boruto series introduced any new abilities for Naruto so far?

As of now, the Boruto series has not introduced any new abilities for Naruto; however, he continues to showcase his adeptness and strategic genius by relying on his existing skills, including the expert usage of Sage Mode, to protect the village from emerging threats.

3. What are the most popular fan theories about Naruto’s next power-up?

Among the most popular fan theories about Naruto’s next power-up, many speculate that he might develop a new form of energy usage or even tap into some ancient Uzumaki clan secrets, reigniting the flames of curiosity and debate throughout the fan community.

4. How does Naruto’s power progression impact the overall storyline of Boruto?

Naruto’s power progression has a profound impact on the overall storyline of Boruto by providing a benchmark of the evolving strength that present and future threats must be measured against, thus driving the narrative tension and keeping the story’s stakes sky-high.


As we journey through Naruto’s epic saga, questions like “will naruto get a new power” whirl through our minds like leaves on the wind. Whether navigating life post-Kurama in Boruto or confronting unforeseen adversities, the enduring spirit of Naruto Uzumaki teaches us that power often lies not in the brute force we wield, but in the unwavering heart within.

Could the foreshadowing arcs and cryptic character developments be whispering the sweet possibility of Naruto’s next leap in power? The community pulsates with anticipation, dissecting every chapter, every episode for hints. The undeniable truth is, whether Naruto gains a new power or continues to fight with his well-honed tactics and trusty Sage Mode, he will forever stand as a titan in the landscape of anime.

And while countless debates may circle around what comes next, one thing remains steadfast – our unquenchable excitement for the journey ahead. So here’s to the future twists, turns, and transformations. Stay tuned, stay hyped, and as always, believe it! Until next time, this has been your fellow ninja enthusiast, Alex, signing off with a heart full of gratitude and a head swirling with possibilities. Stay awesome and keep dreaming, friends!

This article uses material from the Boruto wiki at Fandom and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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