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17 Reasons Why Will Naruto Become Hokage

17 Reasons Why Will Naruto Become Hokage

Ah, fellow anime enthusiasts and curious newcomers, gather around as we delve into the epic tale of Naruto Uzumaki and his burning ambition (will Naruto become Hokage?) that has thrilled our hearts like none other! Naruto isn’t just any character; he’s a whirlwind of determination that teaches us the true meaning of perseverance.
From his early days as the mischievous outcast of Konoha, Naruto had one outrageous dream that made our jaws drop – to become the Hokage. And OMG, watching Naruto chase that dream with every ounce of his being? Absolute goosebumps!
Whether you’re just starting on this Shinobi journey or you’ve been cheering him on since the very beginning, you’ve got to admit: the suspense of questioning, “will Naruto become Hokage?“, has been one of the most addictive parts of Naruto’s saga. So, let’s take the scenic route through this ninja’s path to seeing that dream transform into reality.

The Journey to Becoming Hokage

Buckle up, ’cause the road to Hokagedom is anything but smooth. Our boy Naruto Uzumaki has faced more twists and turns than a rollercoaster at a ninja theme park!
But hold on – isn’t the ride what makes the destination so dang satisfying? The very fabric of Naruto’s journey is interwoven with challenges, growth, and OMG, so much heart!

1. Naruto’s Unwavering Dream

Naruto's Unwavering Dream

Right off the bat, we know this about Naruto: his dream’s stickier than a rice ball in a bento box. The words “will Naruto become Hokage” echo through every one of his actions like a chant he’s born to fulfil.
From painting the Hokage Monument to shouting his intentions for all of Konoha to hear, this dream acts as Naruto’s north star, guiding and inspiring all his decisions.

Naruto’s dream of becoming Hokage is the driving force behind all his actions, serving as his guiding star and inspiration.

2. The Legacy of the Hokage Title

The Legacy of the Hokage Title

The Hokage title – it’s more than a shiny hat and a comfy chair; it signifies the pinnacle of honor and leadership in Konoha.
Each Hokage has left a legacy cooler than a ninja ice sculpture, setting insane standards and passing down epic stories that Naruto longs to be part of. Dreaming of joining the lineup of legends like Hashirama Senju and Minato Namikaze is enough to make anyone fan themselves in excitement!

3. Naruto’s Growth and Training

Naruto's Growth and Training

Remember when Naruto couldn’t make a bushin to save his life? Spoiler alert: he gets way better! Like, shadow clone jutsu-level better. His growth is the glow-up of the century, turning from misfit to the main event in the shinobi world, thanks to relentless training and a ‘never-back-down-‘tude that could outlast a taijutsu bout with Rock Lee on espresso.

Naruto’s transformation from misfit to main event in the shinobi world is a testament to the power of relentless training and a ‘never-back-down’ attitude.

4. Mastery of the Rasengan and Shadow Clone Techniques

Mastery of the Rasengan and Shadow Clone Techniques

Ya know, they say practice makes perfect, but in Naruto’s case, it makes Chakra-fueled awesomeness!
When Naruto got the hang of the Rasengan, we all erupted like a volcano of fangirlish/boyish glee. And Shadow Clones? Everyone’s favorite jutsu became his signature move, and let’s be real, he could probably fill up the stadium during the Chunin Exams with those alone!

5. Overcoming Personal and External Challenges

It’s like challenges are the ramen to Naruto’s life, ’cause he can’t seem to get enough of them. Isolation, ostracization, you name it – he’s crushed ’em all.
And don’t get me started on the Akatsuki or Orochimaru! Seeing Naruto face off against those baddies was like watching an underdog story with a kunoichi-flavored twist.

Embracing challenges and overcoming adversaries is like adding spice to life, just like Naruto facing his toughest opponents.

6. Building Unbreakable Bonds with Allies

Building Unbreakable Bonds with Allies

The Konoha 11? More like Konoha’s finest friendship brigade. Naruto’s bonds with his pals are tighter than Gaara’s sand coffin, and it’s a big reason why he’s even on the Hokage radar.
Team 7? Iruka? Kakashi? They’re like the ultimate support squad. His ride-or-die homies not only fight beside him but believe in him and his dreams just as fiercely as Naruto himself does.

7. Proving Leadership Skills During the Fourth Shinobi World War

Proving Leadership Skills During the Fourth Shinobi World War

If you wanna see classical leadership? Look no further than the Fourth Shinobi World War, where Naruto was serving leadership realness!
His courage? Off the charts. His skills? Unmatched. The way he rallied the troops and coordinated with other ninjas? Straight-up Hokage material.

8. Gaining the Acknowledgment of Peers and Villagers

Ah, the sweet, sweet feeling of respect. After being the resident prankster, Naruto’s transformation into someone everyone looks up to is the redemption arc we all live for.
When the villagers went from eye-rolls to gasps of awe, that’s when you know the “will Naruto become Hokage” betting pool just got all bets on yes.

9. The Influence of Jiraiya and Other Mentors

The Influence of Jiraiya and Other Mentors

Mentors. Gotta love ’em, especially when they’re Sannin-level epic like Jiraiya. His impact on Naruto goes beyond teaching ninja moves; it’s about imparting life lessons and wisdom that come with the coolest toad summonings.
Let’s pour one out for Jiraiya sama (’cause gosh, do we miss him), and acknowledge how these mentors have shaped Naruto’s path in the most profound ways.

Mentors like Jiraiya have a profound impact on shaping our lives and imparting valuable life lessons.

10. The Prophecy of the Great Toad Sage

The Prophecy of the Great Toad Sage

Prophecies in the ninja world are as common as kunai, but when the Great Toad Sage dishes one out, you listen.
The prophecy about Naruto had us at the edge of our seats, and nobody could stop speculating on every possible twist. It’s like a spoiler that doesn’t spoil but instead adds an epic layer of anticipation!

11. The Support from the Previous Hokage

The Support from the Previous Hokage

Earning the previous Hokage’s nods is like getting the ultimate five-star rating. Their support is legendary, and Naruto receiving it is like being handed an all-access pass to the coolest club in town.
When they trusted Naruto with the future of the village, even Kurama was like, “Yup, this kid’s got the goods.”

Earning the approval and trust of respected figures is like gaining access to the most exclusive club in town, and when they entrusted Naruto with the future of the village, it signified his exceptional qualities.

12. The Role of Team 7 in Naruto’s Ambitions

The Role of Team 7 in Naruto's Ambitions

The dynamic of Team 7 isn’t just for show; it’s integral to Naruto’s rise. Sasuke’s rivalry and Sakura’s support have been the wind beneath Naruto’s wings, pushing him to reach greater heights.
The power of their combined strengths is the ultimate definition of squad goals, ya know? It’s friendship, fight, and figuring it all out together.

13. The Evolution of Naruto’s Ideals and Beliefs

The Evolution of Naruto's Ideals and Beliefs

Naruto Uzumaki started as a boisterous young ninja, hell-bent on being acknowledged by everyone. But as he encountered friends, foes, and tumultuous experiences, his worldview evolved profoundly.

Believing fervently in the “Will of Fire,” the notion that the village is a large family and that the Hokage has to protect it, Naruto’s sense of responsibility deepened. From striving for recognition through mischief, he matured into a shinobi who protects others selflessly, embodying the true essence of the Hokage spirit.

Naruto Uzumaki’s transformation from seeking acknowledgment to selflessly protecting others embodies the true essence of personal growth and maturity.

14. The Symbolic Importance of the Hokage Monument

The Symbolic Importance of the Hokage Monument

The Hokage Monument is not just a massive stone visage of Konoha’s leaders; for Naruto, it’s a symbol of dreams, duty, and destiny. Gazing up at the faces of past Hokages, he sees not just their legacies, but a physical representation of his ultimate aspiration.

To Naruto, his face adorning the mountain means more than fulfilling a personal goal; it’s about becoming a pillar for the village. It’s a reminder for every leaf in the Hidden Leaf that unwavering determination can carve even the most audacious dream into reality.

15. The Unification of the Ninja World

The Unification of the Ninja World

The dream of unifying the ninja world seemed like a distant fantasy until Naruto’s sheer force of will started bending that reality. Through his indomitable spirit and unwavering belief in connecting with others, Naruto forged alliances once deemed impossible.

Peace treaties between rival villages and shared victories brought about a cohesion that seemed unthinkable in the shinobi world. And at the heart of this newfound unity was Naruto, seventh Hokage, whose dream and decisive actions were instrumental in crafting a lasting peace.

16. The Passing of the Torch to the Next Generation

The Passing of the Torch to the Next Generation

The future of Konoha lies not just in the hands of its current leader, but in the bright-eyed young shinobi ready to take up the mantle. Naruto understands that time as seventh Hokage is to serve as a bridge between the old ways and the new era.

He places immense importance on nurturing young talent, knowing that their growth will determine the sustainability of peace and prosperity of the village. Mentorship and education form the crux of his legacy, as he prepares to eventually pass on the revered Hokage title to someone who embodies the same fire he did.

Passing the torch isn’t just a gesture; it’s Naruto’s way of ensuring that his vision for Konoha evolves and adapts with time, fortified by the values he holds dear.

17. Naruto’s Vision for the Future of Konoha

Naruto's Vision for the Future of Konoha

Naruto’s aspirations for Konoha go beyond the present, reaching into a future where the village is a safe haven for all, resonating with harmony and innovation. He envisions a home where every individual, regardless of their heritage or abilities, gets a chance to shine and where the bonds between villagers form the village’s greatest strength.

His leadership style promotes the open exchange of ideas, fostering an environment where shinobi are encouraged to grow in their own unique ways while still valuing the collective good. Naruto’s dream is to create a legacy – a Konoha that continually strives to be better, not just through strength, but through unity, empathy, and understanding.

Naruto’s vision for Konoha is to create a harmonious and innovative village where everyone, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to thrive and where the community’s bonds are its greatest strength.

Naruto’s Impact on Future Generations

Naruto’s journey from a mischievous outcast to a respected leader mirrors an evolution that continues to inspire shinobi and non-shinobi alike. His tale of overcoming adversity and achieving an almost mythical dream serves as a beacon to future generations that anything is possible with hard work and belief in oneself.

The Inspiration for New Shinobi

New shinobi look up to Naruto not just as the seventh Hokage but as a hero who reshaped the very fabric of their world with sheer will and a big heart. His story transcends the era, offering endless inspiration for those who face their own battles.

Recognizing the inner potential of everyone, Naruto has become the epitome of a legendary existence, one that motivates young ninjas to chase their own seemingly impossible dreams.

The Hokage’s Role in Shaping the Future

The role of the Hokage is ever-evolving, but at its core, it’s about guiding the village through the challenges of time while upholding its cherished values. As Naruto navigated his tenure, he redefined the position by emphasizing global unity and inter-village communication and cooperation.

His focus wasn’t only on defeating enemies or expanding power but on creating a world where every child could sleep peacefully without the fears of war – a true visionary’s pursuit.


1. When does Naruto officially become Hokage?

Naruto officially becomes the seventh Hokage after Kakashi Hatake, marking the realization of his childhood dream and the beginning of a new chapter for the village.

2. Which episode or movie shows Naruto’s Hokage inauguration?

Naruto’s Hokage inauguration is depicted in the movie “Boruto: Naruto the Movie,” as well as a special OVA titled “The Day Naruto Became Hokage,” which provides fans a humorous look at the ceremony.

3. How does Naruto’s role as Hokage affect the plot of Boruto?

Naruto’s role as Hokage greatly influences the plot of “Boruto” by shaping the political landscape and impacting the personal growth of the new generation, including his son Boruto.

4. Who were Naruto’s biggest influences in his journey to becoming Hokage?

Naruto’s biggest influences on his journey to becoming Hokage were his mentors Jiraiya and Kakashi, his friend and rival Sasuke, and the previous Hokage, symbolizing the Will of Fire that he carries forward.


Throughout the epic saga of Naruto’s life, we see a young, brash troublemaker transform into a wise leader and a figure of hope. His unwavering determination and growth confirm that will Naruto become Hokage was not just a question of if, but a statement of unwavering destiny. A dream loudly proclaimed, and against all odds, beautifully realized.

Naruto’s legacy will continue to be a testament to the power of dreams and the unyielding human spirit, encouraging viewers and beloved characters within the story to reach for their own stars. And now, as we anticipate the future adventures in the world of shinobi, we hold on to the values Naruto instilled and the vision he set for a peaceful and united world.

If you’ve found yourself riveted by the journey, if you’ve cheered with every Rasengan and felt your spirit lifted with every heartfelt “Dattebayo!”, then, my friend, you’ve witnessed not just a story, but a movement. Saying goodbye to this chapter is tough, but know that Naruto’s will lives on in every ninja academy lesson, every new friendship, and every child staring up at the Hokage Monument, dreaming.

Until next time, keep that ninja spirit blazing!


This article uses material from the Naruto wiki at Fandom and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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