Who Was The Most Successful Hokage?

A Hokage is the supreme authority in Konoha. He/She is the one who make all the important decisions for the village. Also, the Hokage is the strongest person in the village. Today, I have made a list about the most successful Hokage. This list is only up to the first five Hokage.

5. Hashirama Senju- 20160828162830
If this list was about power, then Hashirama would surely be at the top of it. But, only power doesn’t lead to success. Hashirama created the village along with the Uchiha clan. He was named as the first Hokage after public voting. He captured Tailed Beasts and thought that he would give them to other villages. But, it terribly backfired and led to chaos between Konoha and the other villages. Ultimately leading to the First Shinobi War.



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