Westworld Season 2 Episode 1 Spoilers

Westworld season 2 episode 1

Hey everyone! I’m back at TheAnimeScrolls and today I’m going to share the spoilers of the returning series Westworld. Westworld Season 1 was released back in 2016 and the fans have been hungry for the season 2 since then.Westworld season 2 episode 1 Finally, the season 2 will start from April 22. Before sharing the spoilers of Westworld season 2 episode 1 let me issue a quick spoiler alert to those who do not like Spoilers.

Before moving on to the season 2 let us back up a bit and recap what happened in season 1. Westworld is a futuristic amusement park filled with western style autohumans. Story focussed on Dolores, Ford, William, Maeve and Arnold. Ford and Arnold are the creators of the park and Arnold has been dead for some years now. Westworld season 2 spoilersMan in black is trying to find the centre of the maze as he thinks he will find some answers there. Auto humans start malfunctioning later in season finale Ford plans his death by the hand of Dolores and sets the autohumans free. The work of Sir Anthony Hopkins as Ford was breathtaking in season 1.

Now, coming to the Westworld season 2 episode 1. As we know that now autohumans are free and the whole thing has just got real. Before autohumans could not even hurt humans but know theyWestworld season 2 can kill them. The whole scenario has changed in Westworld. Maeve appears to be looking for her long-lost daughter again in the trailer and as she is completely free now she might even find her.

But what struck me most was the black modern dress that Dolores is wearing. Will she be in the real world this season? No, I don’t think so as she asksWestworld spoilers Bernard that she has been having dreams and wants to know what these dreams are. She asks him but he says they don’t mean anything. She doesn’t seem satisfied with his answer.

In my opinion, when Dolores was made she was made with a real person in mind. Maybe someone close to both Ford and Arnold. And memories of that person might be programmed into her. She once asked Ford in season one, ” Are we old friends?”. Westworld season 2 episode 1Ford seemed to behave oddly than he should have. So, the Dolores wearing the black dress could be in the dreams that she is having and it is possible that they are the flashes of that real friend of Ford and Arnold.

Well, the season 2 is going to be awesome like the first one. William a.k.a the man in black would try his best to shut the park once in for all as he says in the trailer he’s going to burn this place down. Westworld season 2 episode 1 spoilers
That’s all from the spoilers of Westworld season 2 episode 1. If you have some of your own spoilers please share in the comments section down below. Also, keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, TV, Manga and Movies.

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