Versus Battle: Roronoa Zoro Vs Trafalgar Law

Hi Everyone! Today, I’m gonna be doing a Face-off battle. Roronoa Zoro vs Trafalgar Law.

Trafalgar Law is the Captain of the Heart Pirates, and Roronoa Zoro is a Swordsman and the First Mate of the Strawhats. Now I do like them both, so, this battle of Roronoa Zoro vs Trafalgar Law will purely be based on what we’ve seen so far.

Okay so let’s begin —
The battle will be set after the Time-skip.
So let’s begin —
Endurance and Stamina
Okay so lets begin with stamina and endurance.
Roronoa Zoro vs Trafalgar law
Roronoa Zoro has great endurance, we know that already. Zoro already showed his great endurance at Thriller Bark, where he stepped in Luffy’s pain bubble, and survived. Zoro’s stamina should be pretty decent too. We’ve not seen him tire that easily.
Moving on to Law. Law has great Endurance, like Zoro. He took on several of Doflamingo attacks and was even shot a couple of times, but emerged alive.
His stamina is decent too, but his Devil Fruit drains his stamina a little too much.

Zoro – 8/10
Law – 7.5/10


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