Versus Battle: “Phoenix” Marco vs Admiral Kizaru

Hi Everyone! Today, I’m gonna be doing another Face-off battle. “Phoenix” Marco vs Admiral Kizaru of the Marines. Now I know they already fought at Marineford, but for me, that wasn’t a real testament to the strength of either of the two. Marco was distracted, after all.
So, like before, this battle will be based purely on what we’ve seen about them so far. I will analyze it completely.
Okay so let’s begin —
The battle will be set after the Time-skip.
So let’s begin —

Endurance and Stamina
Okay so lets begin with stamina and endurance.
Marco vs Admiral Kizaru
Marco has tons of stamina and endurance. He was able to take Kizaru’s Yasakani no Magatama and heal pretty easily. He can never tire, thanks to his Devil Fruit.

Kizaru on the other hand, finishes his fights quickly. He took on the 11 Supernovas at Sabaody, and managed to injure like 4 of them. He was also the only Admiral who didn’t take any injuries at Marineford, suggesting his endurance must be pretty high.
But, he pales in comparison to Marco and his healing abilities.

Marco – 10/10
Kizaru – 9/10


    • We’ve seen too little of shanks to make a face-off battle yet. Any other requests would certainly be entertained though.


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