All 5 Users Of The Imperfect Sage Mode

Sage Mode is an art that is extremely hard to perfect. It does grant the user an amazing boost, but only few characters have managed to use a perfect Sage Mode.
The Imperfect Sage Mode on the other hand, is easier to achieve. Here’s a list of all the Imperfect Sage Mode Users in Naruto —

5. Orochimaru
Imperfect Sage Mode
Orochimaru was the first person to discover the Ryuchi Cave of the Snake Sage. It is unknown whether he mastered Sage Mode or not, but he was not able to use it.

That was because Sage Mode required vast Chakra reserves to begin with. But, he did devise a technique, called Cursed seals, that allowed others to feed on his Senjutsu Chakra after absorbing their own.


  1. No.. Kabuto uses perfect sage mode his sage mode doesn’t have limit. He was able to learn senjustu from the great with snake not bitin by it….

    • Kabuto’s Sage mode is imperfect. He is able to use it for an infinite amount of time because he has Jugo’s Kekkei Genkai of absorbing natural energy even while moving.

        • His sage mode is imperfect. Check the Naruto Databooks. It’s been stated by Kishimoto himself. You know who has the perfect snake sage mode? It’s Mitsuki. What Kabuto had was imperfect. Stop mentioning episodes and read the Databooks instead.


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