10 Shinobi Who Can Use All 5 Nature Transformations

Nature transformation is a form of Chakra control, which allows a person to mould their chakra and alter it’s nature to use it as a technique.
There are only 10 Shinobi who have managed to gain mastery over all 5 nature transformations in Naruto, which are listed below.
NOTE:Kakuzu is NOT included in this list, since he didn’t master all five natures. He had access to them through the stolen hearts. This list is Not ranked.
Let’s begin—
10. Kakashi Hatake
Nature Transformations
Kakashi Hatake is known as the ‘Copy Ninja’. He is a user of over a 1000 techniques, which he copied from his Sharingan. Kakashi also managed to learn all five basic elemental natures and use them in a wide variety of Jutsu. Losing his Sharingan in the 4th Great Ninja War did not close his access to all the techniques he had copied.

9. Orochimaru
Orochimaru who was famed as one of the Legendary Sannin, had a dream to learn all the techniques in the world. He was a prodigious ninja, as he had access to all 5 nature transformations. Orochimaru even managed to complete his immortality technique, allowing him to change bodies and essentially live forever.


    • The Six Paths Senjutsu does give access to all five chakra natures. So, yeah Naruto can utilize all five, even though he hasnt been shown using them.


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