Urashiki Otsutsuki’s Connection To Toneri Otsutsuki And Boruto – Explained

Telling him that they saw his humiliating defeat and wonder why is Toneri betraying his clan to protect Earth. Then Urashiki tells him that he has to be punished for betraying his clan. This means that Urashiki was looking for Toneri to punish him.toner vs Urashiki All this indicates that Kaguya and Toneri were both trying to preserve the Earth rather than harvesting it, by doing this they betrayed their clan and thus must be punished.

Then Urashiki tells Toneri Otsutsuki that he knows he appeared in Boruto’s dream but seems that he doesn’t know the specifications of their interactions. It is clear that Toneri appeared in Boruto’s dream to fasten the activation of his Jougan. Toneri OtsutsukiToneri wants Boruto to master his dōjutsu as soon as possible to save the Earth, and maybe something more important than even Earth. Then Toneri says to Urashiki that he doesn’t know anything about Earth, and without hesitation, attacks him.

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