Urashiki Otsutsuki’s Death And Killer – Explained

So, what will happen after Urashiki Otsutsuki flees? Now, let us tend to this concern. Urashiki Otsutsuki's deathI think that after escaping Urashiki will not show himself for some time. We know that we are going to get a novel regarding Denki Kaminarimon in which Urashiki Otsutsuki will be also shown.

This will lead to his route to the manga as well. Thus, after some time when this Denki Kaminarimon novel is going to be adapted we’ll get to see Urashiki Otsutsuki again in the Anime and this time he will not flee and escape but this time around he is going to get killed.Urashiki Otsutsuki kawaki And his killer is going to be Kawaki himself. Kawaki has been introduced in the manga finally and is found to have an Otsutsuki clan curse mark or as we call it the Karma seal.

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