Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries In Naruto

Like any other manga, Naruto has its bunch of mysteries that are unsolved to date. Often, we have wondered the logic behind certain stuff, and sometimes, it just appeared as inexplicable. While there is an answer to most of the stuff from the Naruto manga, there are a couple of unanswered questions left. Today, let’s take a look at the top 10 unsolved mysteries in Naruto.
Let’s begin—

10. Yugao’s revengeunsolved
During the Chuunin exams in which Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki participated, there was a ninja named Hayate Gekko in the administration. Hayate was later killed by Baki, after being caught on spying on Baki and Gaara. Afterwards, we see a woman named Yugao at his memorial stone, swearing to avenge him but later, we see no such thing as Konohagakure and Sunagakure come to peace. Baki still remains alive till the end. So, we wonder why were no efforts made by Yugao to take her so called promised revenge.

9. Secret Healer
After the battle with her cousin Neji, Hinata suffered life threatening injuries. A masked man from Anbu, who we already know was Kabuto, helped Hinata and saved her life. We wonder, if Kabuto was planning with Orochimaru-sama to destroy Konohagakure, then why would he save Hinata? He wouldn’t save her only to kill her again later, would he? I guess we won’t know the answer to that now. It remains an unsolved mystery.

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