All 6 known Underworld Emperors In One Piece

The Underworld is an organization just like the World Government. It is place where all shady deals like arms deals, slave trades and many more takes place. The Underworld is located in the New World, there are many powerful people connected with this Organization like the Yonkō, World Government, even many countries. In this Organization there are certain people who called as “Underworld Emperors”. There aren’t many Underworld Emperors shown in One Piece and today I have made a list of those characters.

Let’s begin –

6. Umit
Underworld Emperors
Umit, aka, “Deep Ocean Current” Umit, is a shipping magnate from the Underworld. He was first introduced at Whole Cake Island Arc. Umit has an angry and also serious personality. As we know that he was invited by Big Mom during the Wedding of Sanji and Pudding.



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