Most Underrated Shinobi In Naruto

Many shinobi in Naruto are massively underrated. Even though some of them might not be super powerful like Naruto, Sasuke, etc. they are strong and aren’t appreciated by others. So, today I put together a list which is filled with shinobi who are really underrated.

8. Ino Yamanaka- Underrated Shinobi
She has a high intelligence level. Ino had mastered most of Yamanaka clan’s techniques. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, she could connect to everyone of the battlefield. Also, Ino has great sensory skills which allow her to detect the chakra of her enemies and relay the information to her allies.
7. Sai- 20161003181924
Sai was shown as a so-so character. The reality is that Sai was considered by Danzo as the best among his age group. To earn such praise from someone who was the rival of Hiruzen Sarutobi himself is something that shouldn’t be looked down upon.


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