The Ultimate Devil Fruit Ope Ope no Mi And It’s True Power

Ope Ope no Mi

Hey everyone! Today, I’m gonna be discussing an important theory about the National Treasure of Mariejois and why Ope Ope no Mi is related to it. It was mentioned first by Doflamingo during his fight with Trafalgar Law at Dressrosa. He particularly mentioned that Mariejois had a National Treasure that was so prized, that it’s existence was enough to shake THE ENTIRE WORLD! Now, then, let’s do what we do best. Let’s start speculating. What exactly is the National Treasure? Is it an Ancient Weapon? Or is it something else? I’ve recently come across an interesting theory by Joy_Boy from Oro Jackson. I’m gonna tell you what it says. All credit for the theory goes to him, as he is the owner and all ideas are his. Of course, I will change a few things if I see the need to. So let’s begin.

We are past the halfway point in One Piece, and it seems like we are finally coming to understand how the story is going to play out when Oda introduces another novel idea to ensure that us fans still have theories to delve into.
The national treasure of Mariejois
As Doflamingo says, this treasure existence, if revealed, is enough to “shake the world”.
Question: Are there any clues that could possibly reveal what this treasure is?
one piece
Doflamingo’s knowledge of the National Treasure:
The context with which Doflamingo reveals the NT is very intriguing. He says he still has the political power to mobilize CP0, despite no longer being a CD, because of his knowledge of this treasure.
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