All 8 Types Of Devil Fruits In One Piece World

Gomu Gomu no Mi Awakened

Devil Fruits are mysterious Fruits that give the person who eats them unimaginable powers and strength. Furthermore, there are many Devil Fruits in the world and some of the Devil Fruits’ power is unknown. Welcome guys to another list of One piece! Today I made a List of of All types of Devil Fruits in One Piece world. Enjoy!

8. Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits
 One Piece
Mythical Zoan type of Devil fruits are extremely rare and powerful than normal Zoan Devil Fruits. These Devil Fruits have unimaginable powers. Furthermore, there are only two Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits shown so far in One Piece series. First one belongs to “Marco of The Phoenix”. The second belongs to Sengoku and name of his Devil Fruit is Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu.

7. Ancient Zoan Devil Fruits
This type of Devil Fruit allows user to change his /her body into a ancient and extinct animal. Ancient Zoan was first shown at Sabaody Archipelago. Also, only two types of Ancient Zoan have been shown so far in the series. First one is possessed by X Drake, who transformed into a dinosaur while fighting a Pacifista. The second is wielded by Jack “The Drought”, which allows him to change his body into an Mammoth. Furthermore, these Devil Fruit is much stronger than a normal Zoan Devil Fruit.


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