The Real Powers Behind Zoro’s Left Eye – Explained

Hey guys! As we all know a lot of different stuff happened during the time skip. However, the most notable of them was Zoro’s scar, and left eye. We are gonna discuss a theory regarding it by Pirate King Buggy from So, let’s begin.
We all know Zoro keeps his left eye closed after the time skip, This raises many questions in our mind like, is he blind or does he have some power behind it?

So, we begin with the first one, is Zoro blind or not? He could’ve been injured during his training with Hawk Eyes.
left eye
But, personally if it a scar from Yoru, it would’ve been much bigger. Now, let us assume that he can’t see with his left eye. We will give you some examples of some characters with same type of injuries but they’re not blind.
1 Shanks- We know that the scar on Shank’s left eye is given by Blackbeard and it looks more severe if we compare it to Zoro’s scar and also Shanks can use his left eye without any problem.

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