Top 10 Strongest Division Commanders Of The Whitebeard Pirates

The Whitebeard Pirates were a crew consisting of 16 Division Commanders. Each of those Division commanders was feared througout the New World. Today, we’re gonna rank the Division Commanders of the Whitebeard Pirates by their power level. Let’s get started.
10. Izo httpvignette4_wikia_nocookie_netonepieceimages005Izo_27s_Guns
We begin our list with Izo.
Izo is the 16th Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. He is a man cross dressed as a woman. Izo carries a Flintlock Pistol and is very good at close combat. He can also wield a sword, as was seen at Marineford.
9. Fossa httpvignette1_wikia_nocookie_netonepieceimages114Fossa_Anime_Infobox
Fossa is the 15th Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. He wields twin katanas which as engulfed in flames. How he does this is unknown, but his Swordsman skills are very high.


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