Top 7 Speed Type Swordsmen In One Piece

There are many swordsmen in One Piece, and each one of them has their own way of fighting. Mainly, a swordsman is either a power type, or a speed type swordsmen. As the name suggests, speed type Swordsmen are those who rely on speed instead of power.
Today I have made a list of the best speed type swordsmen.
Lets begin

7. Momonga
Speed type Swordsmen
Momonga is one of the Navy Vice Admirals, and also one of the five Vice Admirals who led the buster call at Enies Lobby. Just like most of the Vice Admirals, Momonga is also a swordsman and is a speed type swordsman. He was able to hurt Luffy in G2 state, and he uses Rokushiki techniques with his swordplay. With this he is very fast and his movements are hard to read.


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