Top 7 Clan Leaders Ranked According Their Strength

The leader of a clan is the entire clan’s representative. Also, the clan leader is usually the most powerful member in the entire clan. As we know that there are a lot clans and each of them have unique abilities. So, today I have decided to rank the leaders of each clan according to their strength.

P.S- List contains both current and former leaders.
7. Choza Akimichi- 20161102184957
He is the 15th Head of the Akimichi clan. Like all Akimichi clan members, he utilises in converting calories into chakra. He was a member of the previous generation of Ino-Shika-Cho. Choza also aided Kakashi in his fight against Pein.
6. Hiashi Hyūga- 20161102184743
He belongs to the Main Family of the Hyūga Clan. Hiashi holds the position of the clan leader among the Hyūga. He is a skilled Jōnin. Also, he can utilize all high level techniques of the Byakugan. Hiashi was seen in action during the Fourth Great Ninja War. In the war, he led the Hyūga in the fight against the Ten Tails.


    • Well, tbh we haven’t seen much of Ashina. All we know is that he specializes in fūinjutsu. On the other hand, Fugaku is a very capable shinobi and more complete.


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