Top 6 Strongest Vinsmoke Family Members –Ranked

1. Vinsmoke Ichiji

Ichiji is the the eldest son of Vinsmoke Family and is the second born of Vinsmoke Judge. He, like all of his siblings, possesses a Raid Suit which enhances his physical properties greatly. Ichiji as an ability called “Sparking Red” which allows him to create potent light beams with which he can pierce through opponents.

He can also unleash this energy when he punches to deal explosive blows that are powerful enough to break through Perospero’s “Candy Wall” and he even badly injured Charlotte Oven. His recovery is insane, as he was able to recover shortly after being beaten to a pulp by Katakuri. Moreover, he is in my opinion the strongest Vinsmoke right after Judge, and also his authority is right next to Judge himself.

Who in your opinion is the strongest member of the Vinsmoke Family?

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