Top 6 Strongest Vinsmoke Family Members –Ranked

5. Vinsmoke Niji
Germa 66
Vinsmoke Niji, also known as”Dengeki Blue”, is the second son and third child of the Vinsmoke Family. He possesses a Raid Suit which increases his strength and power immensely. Niji has an ability called “Dengeki Blue” which allows him to use electricity based attacks. He can also imbue electricity into any weapon that he holds, and can travel at a speed which is quite fast. Moreover, Niji was able to knock back Charlotte Oven with only one kick.

4. Vinsmoke Reiju
Strongest member of Germa 66
Vinsmoke Reiju is the the eldest child of the Vinsmoke Family, and is the only daughter of Judge. She possesses a Zoan type of Devil Fruit which allows her to control poison at will, she use this poison in her physical attacks and also uses smoke based attack to kill her opponents. She has an extremely powerful exoskeleton because of which she can’t be hurt with normal bullets. Her Raid Suit takes this to the next level as her defenses becomes even more powerful. Moreover, Reiju was able to tank Big Mom’s Heavenly Fire, which is extremely impressive. In battle, Reiju was able to defeat countless Big Mom Pirates members who were considered top fighters. She saved Nami from Sweet Commander Smoothie, and Smoothie even said that her abilities are quite troublesome. Moreover, Reiju is without a doubt one of the strongest female characters in One Piece.


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