Top 6 Powers Boruto Will Gain In Future

2. Summoning: Chimera boruto new abilities
Another power that Boruto will gain is the Summoning Technique. We have already seen Boruto Uzumaki perform the Summoning technique and has summoned Nue. And since Nue was pretty strong we can safely say that whatever creature Boruto summons it is surely going to be mighty big and strong and hard to control.

1. Purple Electricityboruto purple lightning
Purple Electricity is the technique invented by Kakashi Hatake. It is a powerful technique that he invented to cope with the loss of his Sharingan. We have already seen Boruto using this technique but with the help of scientific ninja tool. Also, we saw Sasuke telling Boruto to do something powerful with his lightning release. Thus, we may see him mastering this technique.

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