Top 6 Powers Boruto Will Gain In Future

3. Kurama chakrakurama chakra Boruto
Will Boruto Uzumaki gain this power or not? Well, one could say that Boruto Uzumaki can gain Kurama’s chakra as Boruto being Naruto’s son and his blood has inherited Kurama chakra’s naturally. But unfortunately that cannot happen as it is not possible.

A Jinchuuriki’s child does not inherit the chakra of the tailed beast. But the way he can inherit Kurama’s power is if Naruto Uzumaki dies and Boruto Uzumaki becomes the Jinchuuriki of Kurama, nine tails fox. kurama Boruto JinchuurikiAfter Naruto dies Kurama will become free and it is possible that Naruto tells Kurama to protect his son and thus becomes the Jinchuuriki of Kurama and thus inherits his power.

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