Top 6 Powers Boruto Will Gain In Future

Powers Boruto

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. I’m back with another ever interesting list regarding NarutoVerse. Today’s list is all about the powers Boruto will gain in the future. Boruto is the main character of the series and already has some overpowered abilities like Karma and Jougan who he doesn’t know how to use yet. Today, we’ll look at the potential abilities he might gain in the future. So, without further delay let us begin this list about powers Boruto might gain.

6. Second Curse Sealpowers Boruto
Yes, that’s right after getting Karma which already is overpowered Boruto is going to get another curse seal. Now, you’ll all ask how do I know that? If you look at the pilot episode of Boruto closely both Kawaki and Boruto have two cursed seals each. But we do not know when and how Boruto will get this second curse mark. One thing is for sure that it will enhance his power even more.

5. Sage Modesage mod Boruto
Sage mode is one of the most powerful abilities in the NarutoVerse. This mode allows the user to use the nature energy in combination with the user’s own energy. This means the user is able to use the Senjutsu chakra which enhances each and every technique the users uses

Now, I think that Boruto Uzumaki will use the Sage Mode of Mount Myōboku in future is that first of all Naruto Uzumaki has this sage mode and it is most likely that Konohamaru might even have it as well. Boruto abilitiesSo, it is possible that either Naruto or Konohamaru teaches Boruto Uzumaki to use the Sage Mode of Mount Myōboku. But it is unlikely because Boruto wants to follow a path different from his father’s, thus we may or may not see him using this power.

4. Space-time Ninjutsunew powers Boruto
Space-time ninjutsu is an ability that allows the user to travel from one place to another in a blink of an eye. One can even travel to different dimensions using this powerful jutsu. We have seen some pretty strong Space-time ninjutsu users in the NarutoVerse like Sasuke Uchiha, Kaguya Otsutsuki and more.

Boruto Uzumaki is likely to gain this power in the near future because he wants to become like Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke is able to use this technique using the Rinnegan. Boruto's new abilitiesThis is a pretty handful technique and in my opinion, Boruto Uzumaki will be able to use this technique via his Jougan. We have already seen that Jougan can easily see the portals connecting different dimensions and thus it is also possible that Boruto’s Jougan can perform the Space-time ninjutsu as well.

3. Kurama chakrakurama chakra Boruto
Will Boruto Uzumaki gain this power or not? Well, one could say that Boruto Uzumaki can gain Kurama’s chakra as Boruto being Naruto’s son and his blood has inherited Kurama chakra’s naturally. But unfortunately that cannot happen as it is not possible.

A Jinchuuriki’s child does not inherit the chakra of the tailed beast. But the way he can inherit Kurama’s power is if Naruto Uzumaki dies and Boruto Uzumaki becomes the Jinchuuriki of Kurama, nine tails fox. kurama Boruto JinchuurikiAfter Naruto dies Kurama will become free and it is possible that Naruto tells Kurama to protect his son and thus becomes the Jinchuuriki of Kurama and thus inherits his power.

2. Summoning: Chimera boruto new abilities
Another power that Boruto will gain is the Summoning Technique. We have already seen Boruto Uzumaki perform the Summoning technique and has summoned Nue. And since Nue was pretty strong we can safely say that whatever creature Boruto summons it is surely going to be mighty big and strong and hard to control.

1. Purple Electricityboruto purple lightning
Purple Electricity is the technique invented by Kakashi Hatake. It is a powerful technique that he invented to cope with the loss of his Sharingan. We have already seen Boruto using this technique but with the help of scientific ninja tool. Also, we saw Sasuke telling Boruto to do something powerful with his lightning release. Thus, we may see him mastering this technique.

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