Top 5 Strongest Clans In Naruto

A clan is a very important part of a village and even more important as an individual unit. There are some very powerful clans in Naruto. Moreover, some of these are extraterrestrial. Others are just ordinary people with the strength of a God. So, today I have ranked the strongest clans in Naruto.

5. Hyūga Clan- 20161102103639
The Hyūga are of the strongest clans in Konohagakure. Also, they possess the Byakugan, which is one of the Three Ultimate Dōjutsu. The Byakugan is known as the “All Seeing White Eye”. It allows the user to see the chakra flow of a person’s body. Furthermore, they allow them to see tenketsu as well. Also, the Hyūga have even devised the Gentle Fist to aid them in a fight. Some of the powerful members of the Hyūga clan are- Neji Hyūga, Hinata Hyūga, Hizashi Hyūga and Hiashi Hyūga.


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