Top 5 Power ups That Naruto Deserved

Power ups are necessary for every protagonist. It makes them crazily powerful in order to fight the bad guys. Naruto has received many power ups on his way to become the Hokage. But, there a few things that I wanted Naruto to receive. So, in this list I have written some of the power ups that I personally believe Naruto should’ve received.

P.S- The Manga Panel is taken from Manga Panda.
5. Sealing Techniques- Power ups Naruto
Naruto is an Uzumaki as we all know. Uzumaki clan was known for its fūinjutsu. Kushina, who was Naruto’s mother was very skilled in fūinjutsu. She taught Minato a lot of sealing techniques including the Dead Demon Consuming Seal. We haven’t seen Naruto using any fūinjutsu and we also know that fūinjutsu comes in handy against reanimated foes. All Naruto could use is the Magnet Release Rasenshuriken, which is very powerful but it isn’t suitable to use every now and then.



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