Top 5 Possible Rocks Pirate Crew Members

Rocla Pirate crew

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. I’m back today with another one of my interesting posts. Today’s post is the list about all the possible members of the Rocks Pirate crew. Recently, in One Piece manga, we got to know about these Rocks pirates. Rocks Pirates were the supreme pirates who used to rule the seas all alone. This tells us how big and powerful their crew was. I have made a list of characters that could have been a part of this pirate crew. So, without further delay let us begin.

5. Dr Kureharocks one piece
Dr Kureha was first shown in the Drum Island arc, now known as the Sakura Kingdom. She was the sole doctor on the island and treated each and everyone on her own. She is the mentor of Chopper and has taught him everything about how to treat people. She is an exceptional doctor. She is over 140 years old. Thus, someone of her stature had to be on some mighty big pirate crew as a Doctor. That makes me think that she could have easily been the ship doctor of the Rocks pirate crew.

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