Top 5 Overpowered Abilities In Naruto

Many Naruto characters possess unique abilities. Most of these abilities are blood line limits or a forbidden jutsu. These abilities make them GOAT. They give the users unimaginable powers with which they can win any fight easily. So, today I have ranked the 5 most overpowered abilities in Naruto.

5. Eight Inner Gates-
There really shouldn’t be any discussion regarding this particular ability. The Eight Inner Gates is one of the best abilities that one could possess. If the user opens the eighth and final gate, he/she can match the strength of the Five Kage combined. I mean you can’t get any more powerful than the Five Kage combined. But, the technique comes at a great price. It places the user under tremendous physical pressure, and by opening the final gate, the user will inevitably die. Although Naruto saved Gai-sensei with his Yin-Yang release, Gai-sensei still couldn’t walk because all of the bones in his leg were broken.


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