Top 5 Naruto Characters Who Were Killed Early

Many characters in Naruto were killed early in the series. They should’ve been given a little more time. But, unforrunately they were killed the fact that they had a lot of promise. So, today I have made a list of charcaters who were killed too early.

5. Kimimaro- Killed Early
Kimimaro was the leader of Sound Five, who were Orochimaru’s loyal bodyguards. He was found by Orochimaru after his village had been destroyed. Also, Kimimaro possessed the same kekkei genkai as Kaguya. Furthermore, his kekkei genkai was Shikotsumyaku, which allowed him to use his bones as weapons. Also, these bones could be made as hard as iron and it gave the user a big advantage in hand-to-hand battles. Personally I wanted to see Kimimaro more as he was really a unique character. But, they killed him off pretty soon with his disease.



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