Top 5 Kages from the Fourth Generation in Naruto

The Kage is the supreme authority in a village. They are considered the ninjas of their respective villages. Today we have ranked the strongest Kages from the Fourth Generation in Naruto.

5. Yagura- 20160901153524
We begin our list with the Fourth Mizukage of the Kirigakure, Yagura. He was the Jinchuriki of the three tails, Isobu. He had mastered the power of Isobu at a very young age and became a perfect Jinchuriki. Being a jinchuriki meant that he had a vast amount of chakra and was able to use the tailed beast bomb which could cause widespread damage to an area. He had a natural affinity for Water style techniques. Yagura could use water mirrors which could reflect back any attack.


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