Top 5 Characters That Should Have Been the Hokage

Naruto Characters

A Hokage is someone who endures, or he can be someone who shoulders all the hate by himself. With all these ideas about the Hokage, I have decided to make a list of characters who should’ve been the Hokage.

5. Sasuke Uchiha- Characters Hokage
Sasuke is only person who rival Naruto’s power. Unlike Naruto, he is was prodigy and passed the academy with the highest scores. Sasuke had his own idea of Hokage, which was a very painful one. His ideology wasn’t really bad to be honest. So, maybe he should’ve become Hokage instead? JK.


  1. Seriously.. where is jiraya ..he should be I n top three the man who trained two hokages deserves the place in the List…

    • Jiraya declined the offer of becoming the Hokage three-four times. He had the opportunity but he didn’t accept it.


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