Top 5 Best Captain-First Mate Duo In One Piece

Hey guys! A Pirate crew always has a second in command, also called a First Mate. Like other crewmates, they are also devoted to the Captain.
Among many other, here’s a list of 5 best Captain and First Mate Duos in One Piece.

5. Kidd and Killer
Captain-First Mate Duo
Eustass Captain Kidd is the Captain of the Kidd pirates. He possesses an unnamed Paramecia Devil Fruit. Furthermore, he has a bounty of 470,000,00 berries and has been running amok ever since his entry into the Grand Line.

Killer is the mind of the Kidd Pirates and probably the first mate of Kidd Pirates. He has a bounty of 200,00,000 berries. Also, he has some connections in the underworld. Moreover his epithet “Massacre Soldier” comes from his ruthless nature.


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