Top-5 Best visions in Kuroko no Basuke

In Basketball court visions is an integral part particularly for the PGs who take care of ball handles, passes & look out for opportunities. It’s not a surprise that several players in Kuroko no Basuke possess special vision based skill. “Eye” is the name given to such skills in anime.

These “Eye” aren’t actually biologically enhanced eyes rather are obtain through repeated practice of the game allowing such wielder to hone certain aspect of the Game into their strong suit. The activation of such eye is often noted by glowing-marked Irises. Today we are gonna discuss about such unique visions.

5. Eagle eyeImage result for Eagle Eye Kuroko

Team Seirin’s Vice Captain Izuki Shun possess this ability. It allows him to play basketball as though he is watching it from above the court. Thus he can often easily see formation of the opponent’s team and develop strategy according to it. In practice this means he can give blind pass to an open player. Izuki can also make efficient passes and setup situation where two opponents collide with each other.

Izuki can use his eagle eye to predict his opponents actions. However, this doesn’t always work if Izuki’s reaction time fails to match up to his opponent’s speed. For instance how he couldn’t stop Hayama in his dribbles. Eagle eye has a blind spot as it cannot cover the entire court which allows player to use misdirection.

4. Hawk eye

takao-hawkThis very skill is noted to be possessed by Kazunari Takao who is first year student from Shutoku High (now in Second year). Just like the Eagle eye Takao can see his opponents formation as if he was seeing from the sky. Though his eye doesn’t have a blind spot as Hawk eye covers the whole court. Hence a player using Misdirection wouldn’t be able to use his ability since he would see the pass’s intended target.

Midorima-Takao-combo-3PThough Kuroko has shown to overcome this ability. Kuroko tricks Takao into fixing his attention too much on him. This makes Takao’s field of vision narrow allowing Kuroko to become invisible again. Passing sense of this ability is awesome as Midorima who doesn’t take imperfect shots took shots directly from Takao’s pass. Later on it was revealed to be a gamble in order to beat Akashi in Semi-Finals of Winter Cup. Though Akashi was able to overcome this ability.

3. Quasi-Emperor Eye

To use his misdirection Kuroko needs to analyze and predict the movements of his opponents. This allows him to observe the behavior and habits of others but mostly his teammates. This data obtained by every day observation allows him to use his misdirection.

In similar manner Kuroko acquires his Quasi-Emperor Eye from the deep trust and bond he forged with his teammates. His Emperor Eye cannot predict the movements of his opponents (unless he has played with them before) but rather the teammates who he is familiar with. Kuroko also uses this to change his passing routes and to change the direction of his teammates passes if he sees the ball will be stolen.

Related image

It’s clear that Kuroko’s eye has fatal flaw, It won’t work if he doesn’t know much about the teammates. However his eyes allows him to predict future further than even Akashi’s emperor eye. This allowed him to bridge the skill gap between Kagami and Akashi during the final round of Winter Cup. He was able to steal Ball from Akashi in Zone.

2. Belial Eye

Nash Gold Jr of Team Jabberwock possess this eye. Nash was stated to be at level beyond of Generation Of Miracles. Nash’s final trump card is this eye which he uses when he is pressed for win. This eye is culmination of all the other eyes like Eagle eye, Emperor eye etc thus being capable of predicting the complete future and all possibilities of the ongoing game. Gold was arrogant enough to say that even GOD cannot beat him in their match with Team Vorpal Swords.

Image result for Belial eye

(Belial eye is also known as Demon eye).

Belial Eye allows Gold to predict the ‘next state’ from ongoing Basketball game with very high accuracy. Unfortunately Kuroko Still can steal the ball from him.(which might imply that misdirection skill might actually work on Gold. The error might have happen because Gold was playing against such a player for the first time).

Regardless Gold was able to completely dominate Akashi in their bout despite both possessing future predicting eyes. Nash as result is able to use Ankle-Breaks, 3-point play (Drawing fouls in dunks) and put up excellent defense.

Nash's vision

1. Complete Emperor Eye

Akashi's vision

Superior vision of Nash Gold Junior forced Seijūrō Akashi to think of a possibility of winning the match against Jabberwock. Akashi’s Second Personality was able to deduce that the reason why they were weaker was probably because of split personality. Hence the other Akashi decides to transfer his skills to the original Akashi in order to win the game.

Image result for akashi vs nash gold jr

This allows Akashi to surpass Gold’s Belial Eye. Complete Emperor eye predicts future by analyzing patterns from the past of both teammates and opponents to find the best course for victory. The eye also allows the user to steal balls from opponents, perform ankle break and even foil triple threat penetration.(This is a fundamental position from which a player can either shoot,pass or dribble away)

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