Top 12 Ninja Prodigies In Naruto — Ranked

There have been many ninja prodigies in Naruto. These prodigies are once in a generation kids who have the potential to become legendary shinobi. Today, let us look at the top 12 of such prodigies in Naruto.

Let’s begin—

12. Hanabi Hyuga  ninja prodigies
Hanabi Hyuga is the younger sister of Hinata Hyuga. She is said to be suited for the role of the heiress of Hyuga clan. She is a very strong in hand-to-hand combat and can use the eight telegrams palms revolving heaven as well as vacuum palm techniques. Her Byakugan is said to be as good as Neji Hyuga.

11. Neji Hyuganinja prodigies
Neji Hyuga was a well-known genius of the Hyuga clan. Even just being at Genin level he had mastered the use of Byakugan. Even though he belonged to a branch family he was far superior to those in the head family. He even learned the techniques that were only known to head families all on his own.

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