Top 10 Strongest Weapons In The One Piece World


Although One Piece relies heavily on Devil Fruits, weapons are, nonetheless, play a very important part in One Piece. From Ancient Weapons, to human weapons, I’ve made a list of the 10 best weapons we’ve seen in One Piece, so far.

10. Dials
We begin our list with the Dials that are found on Sky Island. Dials are of different types, and can used for many purposes including fighting. The most common type of dial used for fighting purposes is the Impact Dial, which can absorb any physical impact and can release a powerful blow strong enough to kill an opponent. Reject dial is an even stronger version of the impact dial and it was strong enough to kill Enel at Sky Island.

9. Clima-Tact
Ninth on our list is Clima- Tact. It is the weapon used by Nami, with which she can change the surrounding weather of the area and can also do a decent amount of damage. Clima-Tact was also designed by Usopp. After the time skip, Nami received a new climatact which also included all the specialized inventories she got fron Weatheria.


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