Top 10 Weakest Ninjas In Boruto And Naruto

2. Inojinweakest ninja
Inojin is a genin level ninja from Konohagakure. He is the child of some good ninja namely Ino and Sai. One would think that he has some serious potential as both of his parents were quite handful shinobi. But unfortunately, we all fans were bitterly disappointed with his showing in the Chunin exams. All we can hope for him is that he keeps on improving.

1. Denki Kaminarimonworst ninja ever
Denki Kaminarimon is another disappointing genin from Konohagakure. In my opinion, he doesn’t even deserve to be a genin. He can literally do nothing. He is a computer freak and thinks that being a shinobi means doing nothing. But he is a hardworking kid and is all going to feature in his own novel. We seriously hope that he improves even if it means that he becomes a ninja who only uses ninja tech.

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    Who among the weakest ninjas is the most disappointing in your opinion?

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