Top 10 Weakest Ninjas In Boruto And Naruto

4.Ebisuweakest ninjas
Ebisu is a Jounin level ninja who was said to be the specialist at training elite ninja. But one can think that he forgot to do his own training. I still wonder how he became a Jounin level shinobi. He was the team captain of Konohamaru, Moegi and Udon. No wonder his team turned out to be his reflection.

3.Mizukimizuki Naruto
Mizuki was a Chunin from Konohagakure and also served as an instructor in the academy. He was a ninja with quite some potential. He also had some serious raw strength. He could use huge shurikens with ease but unfortunately, we never got to see some serious power of his and his character vanished too soon.

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