Top 10 Weakest Ninjas In Boruto And Naruto

6. Rinweakest ninjas
Rin was a member of Team Minato. She had pretty powerful comrades in Kakashi Hatake and Obito Uchiha and even her sensei was just awesome. We hoped to see some of her real abilities but unfortunately, she never had some real abilities. But she was brave as well as she committed suicide to save her loved one. Well, some will also call this cowardness as well.

5. Suigetsu weakest ninjas
Suigetsu hails from Kirigakure. He had an ambitious wish to collect all the seven legendary swords of Kirigakure. Suigetsu wielded Zabuza’s sword as his own. He was a cool character, and we thought he will achieve his goal but now he works just as a lab assistant at Orochimaru’s den. I mean if that’s not disappointing than what is?

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