Top 10 Weakest Ninjas In Boruto And Naruto

8.Irukaweakest ninjas
Iruka or should we call him Iruka Sensei as Naruto says. The only time that he made himself useful was when he saved Naruto when he was a kid. He is a father figure to Naruto, and we all hoped to see more from him but unfortunately, he had nothing more to offer and thus makes a name for himself in this list of weakest ninjas.

7. Tentenweakest shinobi
Tenten is another ninja from Konohagakure and was the member of the Team Guy. It is safe to say that she was the weak link in their team. She hoped to be like Tsunade but her hopes remained hopes and never became reality. All she could really do was store a whole bunch of weapons using her fūinjutsu. Really we thought that she’s going to improve in future but that improved future was never destined for her.

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