Top 10 Users Of Dojutsu Techniques in Naruto

Dojutsu techniques are used by people possessing specific eyes that have awakened due to a specific kekkei genkai or kekkei mora. So, today I have ranked the characters who excel in this specific field.

10. Neji Hyūga- 20161002223138
Neji was hailed as a genius since his early days as a child. He was had mastered all the high level techniques of the Hyūga clan that involved using the Byakugan.
9. Obito Uchiha- httpvignette4_wikia_nocookie_netnarutoimages882Obito_Second_Transformation
After seeing Rin die before his very own eyes, Obito’s Sharingan transformed into Mangekyō Sharingan. His Mangekyō gave him the ability to become intangible for a certain amount of time. Obito implanted the Rinnegan in one of his eyes as he was unable to handle the power of two.


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