Top 10 Upcoming Devil Fruits In Wano Arc

Upcoming devil fruits

Hey you all! I hope you are doing well. I’m back with another new and awesome list about One Piece universe. In this list, I’ll be sharing with you the upcoming devil fruits in Wano Country arc. The Wano Country arc has finally started after all the years of waiting and it is bound to show us some new devil fruits. So, here are the top 10 upcoming devil fruits that we might see in Wano Country arc.

10. Mythical Zoan Serpent new devil fruit
We now know that name of Shogun of Wano Country, which is Kurozumi Orochi. As I have said in my theories about Kurozumi Orochi that the name Orochi is derived from Japanese mythological creature known as Yamata no Orochi. This is an eight-headed and eight-tailed beast. In my opinion, Kurozumi Orochi will have a mythical zoan serpent type devil fruit abilities as his name depicts.

9. Mythical Zoan White Tigerupcoming devil fruit
We already know that in the pirate crew of Yonko Kaido there three disasters. These are the three strongest men on Yonko Kaido’s crew. We have already seen Jack who is the member of Kaido’s beasts pirates, he has the Ancient zoan type mammoth devil fruit abilities. In my opinion, another disaster commander on Kaido’s ship could well have mythical zoan type white tiger devil fruit. It is also a Chinese mythological creature who is known to have great strength.

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